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Welcome to the Mindfulness-Based (MIBA) method, the mindfulness-based approach to your personal well-being. 
Life, in its essence, is naturally full of ups and downs. Our vision is to create a space to buffer those journeys.
The mindfulness-based approach, is a clinically proven type of intervention that incorporates centuries-old Buddhist philosophies with current learnings of psychology and psycho-education. Mindfulness-based interventions are secular therapeutic approaches centred in mindfulness that promote the practice as an important part of good physical and mental health. If you're interested to see how one of our courses or workshops may be of benefit to you, take a look at our training section. 
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MBSR program

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, the most recognized and scientifically researched mindfulness training program. Produced by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts medical school. Taught live & online.


Washing Hands

Working mindfulness into everyday life.
Tips and advice on cultivating mindfulness into your daily routines.

Woman in Bed

10 minute Pre-bedtime release. 
A brief meditation to help you switch off and wind down.

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What is mindfulness?
Cutting through the myths and misconceptions. A simple and digestible understanding of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Quiz

Take the test to see how you score

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Free Guided meditations

Meditations to take with you anywhere

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Lemon Detox

Little ways to incorporate self-care