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Mindfulness and De-automatization

150 min workshop, includes free 
handouts and tips sheet 


Wednesday 13th July

7:00pm - 9:30pm CET

Location: Online

Fee: €30 per person

About the workshop

How much stress we experience largely depends on our behaviour in automatic pilot. Automatic pilot, means when we are living out our life in a mechanical kind of way, not fully aware of experiences, of what we are doing, nor if and how the stress reaction is triggered. Activation by automatic reaction to stressors can turn what might be simple problems or annoyances into bigger, harder to handle issues. This can further heighten and aggravate stress, complicating future responses to other simple issues and create a spiral effect. As such, automatic reactivity impacts on our overall perception. It stops us from being able to resourcefully problem-solve as well as affecting our ability to efficiently communicate, and ultimately it obstructs peace of mind. Constant stress reactivity can, in itself, create more stress and vulnerability to being triggered by others stressors in the future. In the long term, posing a risk to physical and psychological health.

This workshop looks at the tools and techniques that can help you step out of automatic pilot and automatic reactivity, making a significant difference in the effect of a stressful event, your stress management and ultimately how stressed you feel.

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